Engineering Consultation

We provide engineered designs and solutions using various kinds of products of formwork, falsework, and scaffolding for all kinds of building structures.  Our design skills enable flexibility and practicality to any project of any magnitude and type.


Our design and solution services includes:


Site Inspection

We do professional job site inspections to ensure that the construction material is correctly set up, laterally braced and stable.  We insure to foresee any problems that might arise due to site conditions.

In addition we provide the necessary documentation for construction and formwork design layouts to meet the requirements of Health and Safety Codes.  This also includes site safety such as checking tag lines, etc.

Formwork Design & Consultation

Frieden engineers solutions for concrete structures such as the slab and wall formwork systems.  We also provide reshoring due to construction sequence, storage of materials, external loads appointed or of moving objects (vehicles, temporary cranes).  It can also involve the wind screen protection and outriggers that are necessary for high-rise projects.

In any unique cases, we can provide review and approved steel fabrication drawings for any special needs.

Site Condition Investigations and Assessments

In the case of existing facilities or building that  any renovation or modification to the civil/ structural members and roofs.  We investigate the issues on hand and provide a diagnosis of the problem, along with the solution with step by step instructions to rectify structure.

With new modifications or additions, we can make regular site visits to check the current site and insure that the construction procedures are agreeable and to proceed onto any new phase of the project.